Complications Misdiagnosed


An important aspect of the diagnosis of a disease is to also diagnose any other complications this disease may have caused. This means detecting complications at the original diagnosis, and also ongoing vigilance in watching for any complications that may appear later. This may mean the need for extra diagnostic tests, ongoing screening, and perhaps specialist visits.

Example: diabetes complications misdiagnosed: diabetes causes numerous long-term complications affecting the eyes, kidneys, feet, heart, and other body parts. Most doctors are aware of diabetes complications and will correctly order tests for kidney function, foot examinations, and risk factors for heart disease such as cholesterol. However, it is notable that even a diabetes specialist or endocrinologist cannot accurately detect the early stages of diabetic retinopathy, and a visit to an eye specialist is required for proper diagnosis. Thus, management of diabetes not only involves initial diagnostic tests, but also involves the ongoing screening and physical examinations to watch out for later complications.

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