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Diagnostic Test list for Irritable bowel syndrome: The list of diagnostic tests mentioned in various sources as used in the diagnosis of Irritable bowel syndrome includes:

Tests and diagnosis discussion for Irritable bowel syndrome: IBS usually is diagnosed after doctors exclude the presence of disease. To get to that point, the doctor will take a complete medical history that includes a careful description of symptoms. A physical examination and laboratory tests will be done. A stool sample will be tested for evidence of bleeding. The doctor also may do diagnostic procedures such as x-rays or endoscopy (viewing the colon through a flexible tube inserted through the anus) to find out if there is disease. 1

The doctor will suspect that you have IBS because of your symptoms. But the doctor may do medical tests to make sure you don't have any other diseases that could cause the symptoms. 2

Medical tests for IBS

  • Physical exam
  • Blood tests
  • X ray of the bowel: This x-ray test is called a barium enema or lower GI (gastrointestinal) series. Barium is a thick liquid that makes the bowel show up better on the x ray. Before taking the x ray, the doctor will put barium into your bowel through the anus.
  • Endoscopy: The doctor inserts a thin tube into your bowel. The tube has a camera in it, so the doctor can look at the inside of the bowel to check for problems.

The doctor will diagnose IBS based on your symptoms. You might have some medical tests to rule out other diseases. 2

IBS usually is diagnosed after bowel disease has been ruled out. Your doctor will probably take a complete medical history, do a physical exam, and check for blood in your stool. Other diagnostic tests such as blood tests, x-rays or a colonoscopy (viewing the colon through a flexible tube inserted through the anus) may be done if needed. 3

Diagnosis of Irritable bowel syndrome: medical news summaries: The following medical news items are relevant to diagnosis of Irritable bowel syndrome:

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