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Hyperinsulinemia: Hyperinsulemia means having too much insulin in the bloodstream. Hyperinsulemia is a common condition in Type 2 diabetes with underlying cause of insulin resistence. It is a somewhat paradoxical situation because you can be diabetic and still have too much insulin in your body. Ordinarily, too much insulin would lead to a low (hypo), but with insulin resistence, the body cannot use the insulin that it has, and for various reasons the pancreas actually produces more insulin leading to an excess of insulin in the bloodstream.

The fact that hyperinsulemia occurs is the basis of some low-carbo diets, such as the Dr Atkins diet. The theory is that diabetics cannot lose weight because there is always too much insulin around that processes every single ounce of carbo that you eat, adding weight. Hence, for a diabetic, it might appear that a low-carbo diet would work, not a low fat diet. On the other hand, insulin resistence should prevent that excess insulin from processing all the carbo, so perhaps the whole premise is unjustified. As with all diets, the issue is unclear.

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