Prognosis of Hemolytic uremic syndrome


About prognosis: The 'prognosis' of Hemolytic uremic syndrome usually refers to the likely outcome of Hemolytic uremic syndrome. The prognosis of Hemolytic uremic syndrome may include the duration of Hemolytic uremic syndrome, chances of complications of Hemolytic uremic syndrome, probable outcomes, prospects for recovery, recovery period for Hemolytic uremic syndrome, survival rates, death rates, and other outcome possibilities in the overall prognosis of Hemolytic uremic syndrome. Naturally, such forecast issues are by their nature unpredictable.

Prognosis for Hemolytic uremic syndrome: Ninety percent of children with HUS who receive careful supportive care survive past the initial harrowing stages of the condition, and most of those will have no long-term effects. But between 10 percent and 30 percent of the survivors will have kidney damage that leads to permanent kidney failure either immediately or over the course of several years. 1
Duration of Hemolytic uremic syndrome: 1-15 days
Mortality rate for Hemolytic uremic syndrome: With intensive care, the death rate for hemolytic uremic syndrome is 3%-5%. 2
Complications: see complications of Hemolytic uremic syndrome

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