Basic Summary for Enteroviruses


Main name of condition: Enteroviruses
Other names or spellings: Enterovirus

What is Enteroviruses?
  Brief description of Enteroviruses: Viruses affecting the digestive tract.
  Parent types of Enteroviruses: Digestive Diseases, Viral gastroenteritis, Sudden Digestive Conditions, Viral diseases
  Organs Affected by Enteroviruses: digestive
How many people get Enteroviruses?
  Incidence (annual) of Enteroviruses: estimated 10-15 million cases annually in USA (DVRD)
  Incidence Rate of Enteroviruses: approx 1 in 27 or 3.68% or 10 million people in USA [about data]
  Prevalance of Enteroviruses: Non-polio enteroviruses are second only to the "common cold" viruses, the rhinoviruses, as the most common viral infectious agents in humans. The enteroviruses cause an estimated 10-15 million or more symptomatic infections a year in the United States.1
Who gets Enteroviruses?
  Profile for Enteroviruses: Everyone is at risk. Infants, children, and adolescents are more likely to be susceptible to infection and illness from these viruses, but adults can also become infected and ill if they do not have immunity to a specific enterovirus. 1
How serious is Enteroviruses?
  Complications of Enteroviruses: see complications of Enteroviruses
What causes Enteroviruses?
  Class of Condition for Enteroviruses: viral
What are the symptoms of Enteroviruses?
  Seasonality of Enteroviruses: In the United States, infections caused by the enteroviruses are most likely to occur during the summer and fall.1
  Symptoms of Enteroviruses: see symptoms of Enteroviruses
Can anyone else get Enteroviruses?
  More information: see contagiousness of Enteroviruses
How is it treated?
  Prevention of Enteroviruses: see prevention of Enteroviruses
Society issues for Enteroviruses
  Costs of Enteroviruses: The health care costs from enterovirus infections are unknown, but a large portion of the costs may come from use of over-the-counter medications to treat symptoms for millions of cases of "summer colds and flu". There are also significant costs associated with the 30,000 to 50,000 hospitalizations for aseptic meningitis each year in the United States. 1

1. excerpt from Non-Polio Enterovirus Infections: DVRD

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