Associated Conditions of Dandy-Walker Syndrome


About associated conditions: Associated conditions are those which appear statistically related, but do not have a clear cause or effect relationship. Whereas the complications are caused by Dandy-Walker Syndrome, and underlying causes may be causes of Dandy-Walker Syndrome, the following list shows associated conditions that simply appear with higher frequency in people who have Dandy-Walker Syndrome. In some cases, there may be overlap between this list and risk factors for Dandy-Walker Syndrome. People with Dandy-Walker Syndrome may be more likely to get a condition on the list of associated conditions, or the reverse may be true, or both. Whether they are causes of, caused by, or simply coincidentally related to Dandy-Walker Syndrome is not always clear. For general information, see Associated Condition Misdiagnosis.

Associated conditions list: The list of conditions mentioned by various sources as associated with Dandy-Walker Syndrome includes:

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