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Content-for-promotion: This page discusses a deal we offer whereby you allow us to use some of your original content in return for links to your site or other promotion of your product.

Did you write original medical content? Are you a book author or the publisher of a specialist medical web site? We can help you achieve your goals! Your original content has value to us (including excerpts of your content), and we can offer you free promotion of your book, web site, organization or health issue. We are a general health site and our broad focus means that we do not focus in-depth on many diseases or medical issues. If you have written a book or web site on a particular disease, or want to educate the public on a particular medical issue, we may have a mutually beneficial arrangement for you. Please contact with a brief content submission proposal.

Other issues: Alternatively, you may be interested in reading about feedback about our site (for brief suggestions or corrections to our information), linking to us, link exchange requests, how to cite our material, advertising on our site, or contacting our site.

How does it work? In return for allowing us to use your content, or excerpts from your content (you propose what content we use), we may choose to publish the content on our site, with an appropriate attribution to you or your web site as the author, and a link back to your web site, web article, book, or product.

Mutually beneficial: No fees or royalties are paid by either party. We get: good content of interest to our web site visitors on specialty issues that we would not normally cover. You get: visibility on a highly-trafficed health web site, promotion of your name or web site on our web site, direct traffic from visitors who may click on the link to your site, and the benefits of our link to your site in link popularity algorithms such as Google PageRank (though obviously we cannot guarantee this and have no influence over the operation of third party algorithms).

How much does it cost? Nothing. We charge no fees for any promotion of your content on our site. If you are selling a book or other product, we do not seek to receive any royalty from its sale. Similarly, you charge us no fees and we pay you no royalties for use of your content or excerpts. We will not normally consider requests for us to pay fees for the use of your content, unless you have a large amount of premium content.

Details: We require:

  • Original content - the content must be written by you, for which you own copyright, and have the legal right to assign certain rights to us with regard to the use of your content.
  • Legitimate content - we seek to publish only truthful and genuine medical information, and will reject any content that appears to push any dubious medical product or view, the editorial decision on the appropriateness of any proposal to be solely at our own discretion.
  • Certain rights - we require the perpetual world-wide royalty-free right to re-publish and re-distribute your content (or excerpts from your content). See the contract for details.
  • No obligation on us - we retain the right to refuse to accept any submissions, or to discontinue our display of any of your content for any reason at our sole discretion. See our contract for details.
  • Signed contract - ???? Sign and fax this legal form back to fax # ?????
  • Electronic content - We will not consider any content that is not available in an appropriate electronic format, such as text files, Microsoft Word, Word Perfect, or similar.
  • Link back to us - We request a courtesy link back to our web site, if your content is part of a web site that you control.

Types of content of interest to us: We are interested in a wide variety of health-related content, particularly in areas that we do not currently cover well. Although we will consider any reasonable proposal, we may be interested in some of these areas:

  • Medical books or books on diseases: If you are the author or publisher of a medical book, either a general book, or a book on a particular condition, we may be interested to publish excerpts from your book in appropriate pages of our web site, with links to your web site or to a site selling your book.
  • Disease web sites: If you are the publisher of a web site on a particular disease, we may be interested to publish excerpts from some of your content, linking back to the pages containing the full articles.
  • Medical treatment information: If you are the manufacturer of a drug, supplement, device, or other medical treatment, we may be interested to re-publish factual information about your product.
  • Medical test information: If you are the manufacturer of any medical test or procedure, we may be interested in factual text about the product.
  • Related or peripheral medical areas: There are certain areas of medicine that are of interest to our readers, but for which we will not generally write content, such as: financial aspects of health, health insurance, legal aspects of health, malpractice, or any other issue of interest in consumer health.

How to get started: Please contact with a brief content submission proposal.

Large content licensing arrangements: The above proposed arrangement is often suitable to authors and web site publishers on particular diseases. If you are a large book publisher or medical corporation with medical content interested in arrangements whereby we might use large amounts of your content, or excerpts from your content or books, please send us a brief email about possible content licensing to or see our contacts page for business contact details.

See also: You may also be interested in reading about our handling of linking to us, link exchange requests, how to cite our material, advertising on our site, feedback about our site,

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