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Help us monitor our advertising: We hope to offer the right balance of advertising, but if your experience has been poor, please help us by providing details about the advertising. We use advertising to fund the site, so that much content can be freely available. However, please understand that we sell much of our advertising space to third parties, and thus do not have full control over our advertising. Furthermore, because ads are served dynamically with different patterns to different people, we do not see what you see, even when we test our own site. Feedback from our users indicates that some people see almost no ads, whereas other people see a large number of ads. Hence, please help us improve our advertising by providing details in email or the feedback form below such as:

  • How many popups did you see?
  • Were these popup ads actually (i) basic pop-ups (new windows staying above your window), (ii) pop-unders (briefly appearing then disappearing under your current window), or (iii) "fly-in" ads that came sliding in from the left?
  • Did you see new popups on every new page that you visited on our site? How many new ones each page?
  • If you disliked the animation or content of any ads, specifically what ads did you see that were offensive or annoying? (We attempt to filter out all ads with extreme animation and certain undesirable categories.)
  • What browser did you use? (IE, Netscape, AOL, etc.)

Anonymous feedback: Using this method, you can send us comments, suggestions, complaints or other brief information. The message is logged anonymously on our servers, for us to review later. The server stores only the message, date and related page. It does not track or store any identity, email, cookies, sessions, or other personal information. So go ahead and tell us what you think! (Alternatively use the main feedback page, or take a survey.)

Anonymous Feedback:

Email feedback: If you would prefer an alternative method of providing feedback, you can also email to See our contacts page for other ways to contact us.

Please Note: We cannot answer individual medical questions through email (nor any other method). The purpose of feedback is to provide us information on ways to improve our web site. All submissions to or communications with CureResearch.Com are subject to our Terms of Use, and your submission indicates your acceptance of this agreement. Always seek prompt professional medical help for any symptom or medical question. If you believe you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or phone for emergency help immediately.

Survey feedback: It would be helpful to us in providing feedback if you were able to spare the time to take a survey about your use of this site.

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