Basic Summary for Chronic liver disease


Main name of condition: Chronic liver disease

What is Chronic liver disease?
  Brief description of Chronic liver disease: Any form of chronic liver disease
  Parent types of Chronic liver disease: Liver conditions
  Organs Affected by Chronic liver disease: liver
  Types of Chronic liver disease: Cirrhosis of the Liver, Alcoholic liver disease, Chronic Hepatitis C, Chronic Hepatitis B, Autoimmune Hepatitis, Liver failure, Portal hypertension, Hemochromatosis, Wilson's Disease, Gaucher Disease, Liver cancer, Hepatoma, Primary biliary cirrhosis, Primary sclerosing cholangitis, Sarcoidosis, Zellweger Syndrome
How many people get Chronic liver disease?
  Prevalance of Chronic liver disease: 400,000 people
  Prevalance Rate of Chronic liver disease: approx 1 in 679 or 0.15% or 400,000 people in USA [about data]
  Prevalance of Chronic liver disease: Prevalence: 400,000 people (1976-80)1
How serious is Chronic liver disease?
  Average life years lost for Chronic liver disease: 23.3 for chronic liver disease/cirrhosis in North Carolina2; 16.3 average YPLL/person for chronic liver disease and cirrhosis in Michigan3.
  Deaths for Chronic liver disease: 26,259 annual deaths from chronic liver disease and cirrhosis in USA 1999 (NVSR Sep 2001)
What causes Chronic liver disease?
  Causes of Chronic liver disease: see causes of Chronic liver disease
Society issues for Chronic liver disease
  Hospitalization statistics for Chronic liver disease: The following are statistics from various sources about hospitalizations and Chronic liver disease:
  • 360,000 hospital charges occurred for chronic liver disease or cirrhosis in the US 2000 (National Hospital Discharge Survey: 2000 Annual Summary, NCHS, CDC)

  Hospitalizations for Chronic liver disease: Hospitalizations: 300,000 (1987)1
  Physician office visits for Chronic liver disease: Physician office visits: 1 million (1985)1
  Disability from Chronic liver disease: Disability: 112,000 people (1983-87) 1

1. excerpt from Digestive Diseases Statistics: NIDDK
2. Years of Potential Life Lost in North Carolina, NCMJ March/April 2002, Volume 63, Number 2
3. Division for Vital Records and Health Statistics, MDCH, Michigan, USA

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