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About statistics: This page presents a variety of statistics about Celiac Disease. The term 'prevalence' of Celiac Disease usually refers to the estimated population of people who are managing Celiac Disease at any given time. The term 'incidence' of Celiac Disease refers to the annual diagnosis rate, or the number of new cases of Celiac Disease diagnosed each year. Hence, these two statistics types can differ: a short-lived disease like flu can have high annual incidence but low prevalence, but a life-long disease like diabetes has a low annual incidence but high prevalence. For more information see about prevalence and incidence statistics.

Prevalence and incidence statistics for Celiac Disease: (see also prevalence and incidence page for Celiac Disease)
  Prevalance of Celiac Disease: 1 in 250 Americans estimated rate; actual diagnosis rate is 1 in 4,700 Americans; 1 in 250 in Italy; 1 in 300 in Ireland; 20,000 diagnosed (Reader's Digest Feb 2004)
  Prevalance Rate: approx 1 in 249 or 0.40% or 1.1 million people in USA [about data]
  Undiagnosed prevalence of Celiac Disease: estimated 1 million undiagnosed Americans; more than a million (Reader's Digest Feb 2004)
  Undiagnosed prevalence rate: approx 1 in 272 or 0.37% or 1 million people in USA [about data]
  Prevalance of Celiac Disease: Celiac disease is the most common genetic disease in Europe. In Italy about 1 in 250 people and in Ireland about 1 in 300 people have celiac disease. It is rarely diagnosed in African, Chinese, and Japanese people.

An estimated 1 in 4,700 Americans have been diagnosed with celiac disease. Some researchers question how celiac disease could be so uncommon in the United States since it is hereditary and many Americans descend from European ethnic groups in whom the disease is common. A recent study in which random blood samples from the Red Cross were tested for celiac disease suggests that as many as 1 in every 250 Americans may have it. 1

1. excerpt from Celiac Disease: NIDDK

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