Diagnostic Tests for Cardiovascular diseases


Tests and diagnosis discussion for Cardiovascular diseases: Which medical tests will help me keep track of any heart or blood vessel problems?

  • Have your blood pressure checked every time you see your doctor. Ask your doctor what your blood pressure is and what it should be.

  • Your doctor may order an exercise stress test to see if you have any problems. The doctor will see how your heart performs during exercise.

  • Have your blood fats checked once each year. This checkup includes four tests:

    • Blood cholesterol. Your number should be 200 or lower. 
    • LDL (bad cholesterol). Your number should be 100 or lower. 
    • HDL (good cholesterol). Your number should be 45 or higher. 
    • Triglycerides (try-GLISS-er-ides) (the form in which energy is stored in your fat cells). Your number should be 200 or lower.

If your numbers are not normal, ask your doctor if you should take medicine to make them normal. 1

Diagnosis of Cardiovascular diseases: medical news summaries: The following medical news items are relevant to diagnosis of Cardiovascular diseases:

1. excerpt from Keep your heart and blood vessels healthy: NIDDK

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