Basic Summary for Batten Disease


Main name of condition: Batten Disease
Other names or spellings: Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis, NCL

What is Batten Disease?
  Brief description of Batten Disease: Rare childhood genetic degenerative nerve system disease.
  Parent types of Batten Disease: Genetic Disease
  Organs Affected by Batten Disease: nerves
  Types of Batten Disease: NCL1, NCL2, NCL3
Who gets Batten Disease?
  Patient Profile for Batten Disease: Symptoms begin in childhood.
How serious is Batten Disease?
  Prognosis of Batten Disease: Poor. Life-shortening. Degenerative. Often death in teens or 20's.
  Prognosis of Batten Disease: Over time, affected children suffer mental impairment, worsening seizures, and progressive loss of sight and motor skills. Eventually, children with Batten disease become blind, bedridden, and demented. Batten disease is often fatal by the late teens or twenties. 1
  Complications of Batten Disease: see complications of Batten Disease
What causes Batten Disease?
  Class of Condition for Batten Disease: genetic
What are the symptoms of Batten Disease?
  Symptoms of Batten Disease: see symptoms of Batten Disease
Can anyone else get Batten Disease?
  Contagion of genetic conditions: generally not; see details in contagion of genetic diseases.
  Inheritance of genetic conditions: see details in inheritance of genetic diseases.
How is it treated?
  Treatments for Batten Disease: see treatments for Batten Disease
  Research for Batten Disease: see research for Batten Disease

1. excerpt from NINDS Batten Disease Information Page: NINDS

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