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Article title: NINDS Wallenberg's Syndrome Information Page: NINDS
Main condition: Wallenberg's Syndrome
Conditions: Wallenberg's Syndrome

Table of Contents (click to jump to sections)What is Wallenberg's Syndrome?
Is there any treatment?
What is the prognosis?
What research is being done?


What is Wallenberg's Syndrome?
Wallenberg's syndrome is a neurological disorder characterized by swallowing difficulties and hoarseness which results from paralysis of a portion of the vocal cord. The disorder is generally caused by a blockage in a vertebral or cerebellar artery. Symptoms may include dizziness, a loss of pain or temperature sensitivity, some paralysis of the facial muscles, and a loss of taste. Individuals with the disorder frequently report an unsettling tilt of their environment, which affects their balance.

Is there any treatment?
Treatment for Wallenberg’s syndrome is symptomatic. If swallowing is greatly impaired, a feeding tube may be needed. Therapy and intraoral appliances may aid speech and swallowing. In some cases, medication reduces or eliminates pain.

What is the prognosis?
Individuals with Wallenberg's syndrome may experience a lessening of their symptoms as a result of medical intervention. For some patients, symptoms dissipate after a few weeks of treatment.

What research is being done?
The NINDS supports and conducts a wide range of research on disorders involving paralysis such as Wallenberg’s syndrome. Much of this research focuses on finding ways to prevent, treat, and, ultimately, cure these disorders.


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