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This is the time of seniors or the "silver generation". The 60's used to be considered "elderly" with many definitions using "over 65" for that category. However, modern medicine has greatly increased the health of seniors, and the 60's are times of good health for some. The frailty and illness of the "elderly" is not necessarily the rule for seniors.

Senior conditions: Conditions that are common in seniors include: hearing loss, tinnitus, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, prostrate conditions (esp. BPH), urinary incontinence, shingles, and various others. Common mental conditions include dementia, Alzheimer's disease, and Parkinson's disease. Serious conditions include Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, artherosclerosis, various types of cancer (e.g. prostrate cancer), cerebrovascular disease, and stroke. Vision conditions of seniors include vision impairment, AMD, cataracts, and glaucoma. Certain conditions that are not well-known as senior conditions but do occur include depression.

Conditions Uncommon in the Silver Generation: You would be wrong if you assume that all diseases become more prevalent with age. Numerous diseases are uncommon in seniors including sexually transmitted diseases, most autoimmune diseases, and common infectious diseases (e.g. seniors get less cases of cold and flu, but they are more dangerous).

Death rate: The annual rate of death is 1.021% (1 in 97) for ages 55-64 years, and 2.484% (1 in 40) for ages 65-74 years

Top Ten Causes of Death: For ages 55-64 years, the top ten causes of death in USA 1999 were:

For ages 65-74 years, the top ten causes of death in USA 1999 were:

For ages 65 and over years (i.e. not just to 74), the top ten causes of death in USA 1999 were:

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