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This web site focuses on information about misdiagnosis for more than 1,200 diseases and more than 300 symptoms. As such, the web site is broken into several distinct areas:

Diseases Center: The Diseases Center is mainly for people already diagnosed with a condition, or concerned about a particular condition, and attempts to provide information about how to confirm or disprove a diagnosis. The Diseases Center provides a separate section for each of more than 1,200 different diseases. For each disease, information is provided about misdiagnoses, underlying conditions, symptoms, and numerous other aspects of the disease. For more information, see How to use the Diseases Center.

Symptom Center: The Symptom Center is mainly for people with a particular symptom or affliction. The Symptom Center groups common symptoms together and lists the diseases that our database indicates could possibly cause a symptom or a similarly named symptom. For example, lookup headache, cough, fatigue, and more than 300 other symptoms. For more information, see How to use the Symptom Center.

Risk Factor Center: The Risk Factor Center provides information about risk factors and the diseases to which they contribute. For example, you can find all the diseases for which smoking, obesity, or diabetes are a risk factor.

Premium Articles: Our premium articles area also provides extensive discussion of these various aspects of misdiagnosis, medical mistakes, and other health topics. For a detailed introduction to the issues involved with misdiagnosis and other medical mistakes in general, including common types and prevalence of errors, see the following areas:

For a listing of all the different articles available in these general areas, see also the table of contents.

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