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The Symptom Center is mainly for people with a particular symptom or affliction. The Symptom Center groups common symptoms together and lists the diseases that our database indicates could possibly cause a symptom or a similarly named symptom. For example, lookup headache, cough, fatigue, and more than 300 other symptoms.

How to Find a Symptom: A particular symptom can be looked up on the web site in numerous ways. The Symptom Center lists numerous common conditions. A full list of all symptoms is available. Or you can simply type one or more symptom names into the Search button on every page, or on the Search Page. Comma-separation of symptom names is optional and mostly ignored by the search engine.

About Condition Lists for Symptoms: Every symptom page starts with discussion and related information about a particular symptom. There is also a list of conditions that are found to have listed the symptom, a subtype of that symptom, or a related similar symptom wording on the symptom list for that condition. For example, since the disease common cold lists "runny nose" as a symptom, the condition common cold appears on the list of conditions for runny nose. The right-hand-side of the condition list shows the wording of the one or more symptoms that appeared on that disease's list of symptoms. In the case of runny nose, other wordings such as "rhinitis" and related types of symptom such as "blocked nose" or "nasal congestion" also appear on the back-lists. For example, some items on the list for runny nose are as follows:

Note that the list of symptoms for each condition only shows the relevant symptoms, and every disease has numerous other unlisted symptoms available on the symptoms page for that disease. Note also that since not all disease symptom lists have been automated, and not all conditions are listed in this web site, there may be numerous other possible diseases causing a given symptom.

About Condition Lists for Complications: A similar list is repeated with all the symptom-like wordings that appear on the "complications" list for a condition. This is useful because the distinction between what is a symptom and what is a complication is somewhat arbitrary. Hence, reviewing both lists of diseases mentioning this item as a symptom, and also other conditions that list it as a complication, may give a fuller picture of all the possible conditions that could potentially be causing a given symptom.

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