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Astigmatism: Astigmatism is a visual disorder where the eye cannot properly focus due to misshapen cornea or lens. Unlike myopia (near-sightedness) and hyperopia (far-sightedness), which are both poorly focused in one particular direction, the visual disorder is more complex in astigmatism, with more complex variations. Although astigmatism is not the same as myopia or hyperopia, it often occurs in people with either of these conditions.

Astigmatism: Astigmatism is a condition in which the uneven curvature of the cornea blurs and distorts both distant and near objects. A normal cornea is round, with even curves from side to side and top to bottom. With astigmatism, the cornea is shaped more like the back of a spoon, curved more in one direction than in another. This causes light rays to have more than one focal point and focus on two separate areas of the retina, distorting the visual image. Two-thirds of Americans with myopia also have astigmatism.1

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1. excerpt from Facts About the Cornea and Corneal Disease: NEI

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