Basic Summary for All Disease Categories


Main name of condition: All Disease Categories

What is All Disease Categories?
  Brief description of All Disease Categories: All major disease categories
  Types of All Disease Categories: Cancer, Autoimmune conditions, Diabetes, Genetic conditions, Chromosome conditions, Viral infections, Bacterial infections, Parasitic Infections, Worm conditions, Physical conditions, Prion diseases, Nutritional deficiencies, Vitamin deficiencies, Mineral deficiencies, Mitochondrial diseases, Accidents, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Pregnancy Conditions, Breastfeeding Conditions, Birth defects, Male conditions, Female conditions, Infant conditions, Childhood conditions, Adolescent conditions, Immune disorders, Balance disorders, Pain, Systemic disorders, Blood conditions, Blood vessel conditions, Nerve conditions, Muscle conditions, Heart conditions, Back conditions, Neck conditions, Spinal disorders, Eye conditions, Brain conditions, Mental conditions, Nose conditions, Mouth conditions, Dental conditions, Foot conditions, Leg conditions, Knee conditions, Elbow conditions, Finger conditions, Wrist conditions, Shoulder conditions, Ear conditions, Lung conditions, Liver conditions, Kidney conditions, Gall bladder conditions, Pancreas conditions, Digestive conditions, Prostate conditions, Male genital conditions, Obstetrical conditions, Gynaecological conditions, Thyroid disorders, Hearing disorders
How serious is All Disease Categories?
  Average life years lost for All Disease Categories: 16.5 in North Carolina1.

1. Years of Potential Life Lost in North Carolina, NCMJ March/April 2002, Volume 63, Number 2

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